Trusted Organization and Sites/Applications

Link is a web-based application accessible through your computer browser and an HTTPS/SSL address. HTTPS ("S" is for "Secure") is an internet protocol that encrypts all communications between your browser and our website. The site further uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which requires the browser to verify the presence of a security certificate before a connection is made. This SSL certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority — an independent third-party who has authenticated the identity of Green Arrow Labs and verified our domains/websites as "trusted."

Link uses a graph database to maintain the supply chain partner identities and their relationships to products, materials, and each other. The connections between these items follow the supply chain "tree" up to a single source — you — and the identity database prevents these connections from crossing. Two users in the same department for the same client, however, can see all the data shared by that department. Conversely, users in one department can be segregated from users (and their data) in another department. A supplier cannot see another supplier's data, but a brand can see data across all of its suppliers (but not other brands' suppliers). Even brands who happen to use the same supplier can't see the products/materials provided by that supplier to any other brand.

Protecting Your Confidential Data

No personal information (e.g., DOB, social security, credit card, home address, phone number, etc.) is stored in Green Arrow Labs systems. Personally identifiable information (PII) is limited to name and email address. While the software does not manage health or financial data, the infrastructure on which the data is hosted complies with HIPAA, FISMA, and similarly stringent regulatory requirements. Our data security policies were devised around these standards as well.

Employees and contractors are required to sign and comply with confidentiality/NDA and data security policies as a condition of hire. We make secure document portals available to our clients for exchanging sensitive documents and data, and client data is maintained in a secured facility at all times.

Your identity will not be revealed or used for marketing purposes without your express written permission. Your written permission is also required for us to aggregate/anonymize data from your suppliers or test results for the purpose of producing industry benchmarks. The benchmarks are used in presenting charts and statistics on your dashboards (depending on the software and service level/edition to which you subscribe). Aggregated/anonymized data cannot be reverse engineered to somehow reveal its source. You will always continue to own your data and it will never be sold or used for any other commercial purpose.