Link Services: Precision Sourcing

Link Services is a cloud native application that provides a complete supplier performance management solution for managing Restricted Substance List (RSL) compliance data, product physical/performance data, general certificates of conformity (GCC) and declarations of conformity (DOC), and facility water consumption data. Link helps risk and quality managers reliably compare results from different sources against corporate and regulatory standards, and report data real-time to stakeholders along the entire supply chain.

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Link's Lab Testing module is used to create, track, and close out test requests related to brand- and supplier-requested product/material quality and compliance programs. Both in-house and third-party lab testing workflows are supported, as are single sample and multi-component sample specimens. Link handles any type of product or material, as well as any type of testing, test result, specification, or conclusion (e.g. pass/fail, meets, retest required). You configure the system to conform to your terminologies, workflows, test program specifications, and lab data. The Big Picture below represents the most basic implementation of Link/Lab Testing, suitable for any size organization and compliance testing program.
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