Recycle Your Lab Testing Programs (In Twenty Minutes)

Who should attend? Anyone in the sustainability, risk, or product integrity field who uses product/material conformance testing data from internal or third-party laboratories to make sourcing decisions.
How does this work? For your convenience, this webinar is recorded and will play on demand after you register/login. Please feel free to forward the invitation to your colleagues.
What if I have questions? Send an email to the host to set up a one-on-one web meeting/call at your convenience.

Thank you for joining me today for this short webinar focused on transitioning from a spreadsheet-centric or custom database-driven testing program to a centralized supplier performance management system your entire supply chain can access. This webinar is designed for anyone in the sustainability, risk, or product integrity field looking to "cut the cord" on all those spreadsheets. Because we love our spreadsheets, too, we've designed a machine that converts your material/product specification spreadsheets (using the AFIRM RSL as an example) into our software user interface. The field labels, choice lists, test request forms, and test reports all inherit your terminologies and business rules, so the software looks as natural to your supply chain partners as if you had designed it yourself. Because, of course, your spreadsheets are the basis for the design.

Robert J Whitehead


Recycle Your Lab Testing Program (In Twenty Minutes)