Restricted and Banned Substances Monitoring

Link ServicesTM is a secure, cloud-native (IaaS) application tailored to conform to your specific corporate sustainability/RSL program requirements. Link supports global testing initiatives ranging from the detection and reporting of banned and restricted substances list (RSL) chemicals, to performance/physical testing and generation of general certificates of compliance. The system tracks chemical usage and manufacturer performance across the supply chain life cycle, beginning with the bill of materials (BoM), through generation of test request forms (TRFs) and laboratory sample submissions/worklists, to uploading of RSL results and documents from the third-party testing laboratory.

Link can be integrated with laboratory information management systems (LIMS), PLM, SAP, and other enterprise systems, and includes a robust set of features to support internal forecast tracking, style/model and materials tracking, and vendor tiering across the supply chain. Multiple sets of standards and limits can be configured for different material types, products, and export regulations. Link is pre-configured with chemicals and other substances whose presence in a product is restricted through government regulations or laws, such as those described in the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) Restricted Substances List and the AFIRM Group RSL.

Link provides a data management framework that ensures:

  • data accuracy through the enforcement of test methods, reporting units, and validation rules;
  • reporting consistency across all third-party laboratories and locations through a configurable report template;
  • testing compliance by integrating production forecast data, online test requests, and management reporting, and;
  • proactive supply chain management through dashboard analytics, visualizations, and benchmarking.

RSL workflow example