May 10, 2024



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LINK Dashboard 2.0

Amended TRFs

Enhanced Authentication

Security Updates

Dashboard Pre-Release

Export File Download from Notifications

Test Results Import and Autofill Changes

Public Document Search 

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This May update includes the industry’s most powerful dashboard, accessed from the barchart icon at the top of the sidebar menu. The dashboard includes stacked barchart and table widgets in three sections – snapshots, KPI trends, and data summaries – all with user-selectable properties. See the release notes for an in-depth discussion of features, data sources, and customizability.

Submitted Test Requests can now be edited before they are received by the laboratory, to allow corrections to errors and generation of an amended TRF.

Application authentication logic was enhanced to allow a supplier or laboratory user to use the same credentials across multiple brands, making it more convenient for both standard and single signon (SSO) supply chain partners. An additional security measure was implemented which logs a user out of other computers/sessions when attempting to login using the same credentials. This change effectively prevents users from sharing login credentials, solving password reset and other issues users perceived as application errors.

When exporting data from a grid, you can now access the file directly from the Notifications (bell) icon in the top toolbar, without opening the Notifications page. The test results import now includes a column for parameter-level lab notes, and a new autofill icon was added to the Test Request results page to improve usability.

Lastly, the login pane on the home page was rearranged to segregate the public documents search (e.g., product safety certificates) from the supply chain partner login fields, and the actual public search page was given its own URL to allow brands to provide a direct link from their corporate site or from QR codes on product labels.

Additional Resources

For newer users, we recommend a high-level tour of LINK to get your bearings, along with a review of the release notes.

Don’t see a feature you need? Review the subscription comparison guide or submit a request through the Support menu under your profile icon or through the Help Desk portal.

Check the Support page for current system status.

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“We’ve made a brand-wide commitment to use LINK as the source of truth for exchanging supply chain, product and material performance data with all our ERP, PLM and other enterprise systems.”

- Director, Corporate Quality (Global Footwear/Apparel Brand)

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