Data Management Solutions for Product and Corporate Compliance

Green Arrow Labs is a software and data analytics firm that helps major brands and their supply chain partners make smarter decisions about factory and product sustainability, safety, and performance. Our top ten clients are global retailers with revenues in excess of US$1 billion. We provide cloud-based (SaaS) software for collecting, reporting and analyzing Restricted Substance List testing (RSL), wastewater footprint, CPSIA/REACH compliance and product performance data.

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Water Management

Water Consumption

Wastewater Treatment

Brand/Regulatory Compliance

Water Management

H2O*Insight for capturing and analyzing factory wastewater lab results, validating compliance with local permits and regulations, and scoring performance against corporate standards.

Restricted Substances

RSL Compliance

R&D/Predictive Modeling

Lab Testing Optimization

Restricted Substances

RSL*Insight for capturing and analyzing chemical testing results on finished products and raw materials, informing R&D on styles and components, and reducing superfluous testing on RSL-compliant materials.

Product Improvement

Physical/Performance Testing

R&D/Design Optimization

SAP/QC Systems Integration

Product Improvement

PPT*Insight for managing laboratory testing results and assuring conformity to finished product and material/component quality, physical, safety, and performance standards.

Certificates of Conformity

CPSIA, REACH Certificates

Export Region Compliance

Corporate Transparency

Certificates of Conformity

GCC*Insight for capturing, generating and sharing branded certificates and declarations of conformity with product safety and regulatory export standards.