February 28, 2024



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Week 1: March 4 – March 8

Week 2: March 11- March 15

Week 3: March 18 – March 22

Week 4: March 25 – March 29

Week 5: April 1 – April 5

Week 6: April 8 – April 12

Week 7: April 15- April 19

Week 8: April 22 – April 26




The April wastewater reporting period is upon us. If you’re striving for 100% MRSL compliance but short on resources, it’s time to automate. And you may be running out of time before you find yourself in the crosshairs of Planet Tracker, Greenpeace, shareholders, and other environmental activists and NGOs. Leading brands and manufacturers are using ever more sophisticated tools, analytics and AI to automate the corrective action loop in their supply chains, drastically reducing time to full compliance and global water footprint.

Water Week(s) 2024

Founded with a mission to help solve chemical and water management challenges in the apparel and footwear industries, we’re committed to making our advanced product and supplier compliance system accessible to all industries. Which is why we’re sponsoring Water Week 2024 – actually a period of 8 weeks between now and the end of the ZDHC April reporting period – during which brands/retailers with a focus on water stewardship can use the tools at no cost. In one week, your system will be fully operational and generating real-time factory water compliance statistics, charts and executive summaries. No more spreadsheet data massaging, formulas, macros, and Excel charts.

How Much Time is Required?

One week. Your personal time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours.

How it Works

At the conclusion of the free trial, you may opt to download your April water management reports and analytics by activating your subscription plan. Plans are available for any size organization/supply chain, regardless of number of users.

You do not need to be a ZDHC signatory brand to register or use the tools, and your data reporting may be at any frequency.

A mutual non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement will be executed to protect the confidentiality of both parties. There is no other obligation of any kind.

Have other questions? Reply to this email or check out the FAQs.

Your Water Week Schedule

Monday: Upload spreadsheets (users, suppliers, historical water testing results if not in ZDHC Gateway)

Tuesday: Upload test specifications if different from ZDHC v2.1 Wastewater Guidelines

Wednesday: Log into your secure water program management portal and validate configuration

Thursday: Launch customizable “Welcome to [your organization]’s Supplier Water Management System” notification to users

Friday: Start applying new data insights toward 100% supply chain conformity.

Driving MRSL Compliance through Wastewater Management Automation

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