LINK provides a host of new features and enhancements in every major release. Here is a shortlist of features with significant recent enhancements:

  • Surveys/Assessments/Inspections Automation
  • Alternate Limits and Conclusions
  • Product Hierarchy and BoM Management
  • Component/Test Group Test Matrix
  • Custom Field Configuration and Screen Order
  • Test Results Snapshot Section in Final Report
  • Interactive Analytics and Dashboards
  • Toolbar and Test Request Alerts
  • In-App Messaging and Corrective Action Tracking
  • Automated Notifications to Supply Chain Partners
  • Native LINK App for Mobile Devices (Beta)
  • Supply Chain Tree Relationship Management


LINK is available as a native iOS app to Global subscribers, providing real-time notifications and issues tracking on all lab testing activities. Message your supply chain partners in-app and resolve issues with material/product testing and corrective actions. Maintain all your testing-related communications and documentations in one place, rather than a cobbled together "system" of paper, PC files and folders, network/cloud drives, and emails.


LINK Mobile App in v2




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