Your subscription doesn't start until the first phase of the project is completed and your site is configured with your test program(s), supply chain data, and user login(s). Depending on your plan, this phase also includes the branded site, test requests, and test reports, along with custom fields configuration. Naturally, you will have an investment of time into the project, but we minimize the impact with this quick launch and multi-phase approach. AFIRM Members have it even easier: LINK is delivered with a starter configuration based on the AFIRM RSL, as well as a representative product quality/performance testing program.


SUBSCRIPTION PLANS AND FEATURES  Best Viewed in Landscape on Mobile Devices

LINK is licensed on a subscription basis, with unlimited individual users. There are three different subscription plan/service level options: Team, Enterprise, and Global. Register/login for pricing plan details.



QUICK COMPARISON Team Enterprise Global
Core Features
  Unlimited brand/retailer/client users
  Create/print and assign test requests to labs
  Attach product/material photo to test request
  Monitor test status from request through reporting
  Product breakdown by component, material, usage, country
  Validation against test program limits with pass/fail conclusion
  System- and lab-generated test reports (PDF upload)
  Manage multi-level bills of materials (BOMs)
  Design and administer supplier compliance surveys
  Advanced/saved queries, data exports to spreadsheets
  Dashboards with supplier/product performance metrics
  Public portal for managing certificates, product documentation
  Test results reviewer markup, approval, overrides
  Laboratory test cost and accreditations tracking
  Purchase order tracking with suppliers and testing
  Private portal for sharing internal product documentation



  Quick launch from your spreadsheet data
  Pre-configured test requests, reports, charts
  Customizable fields
  More than one test program (chemical, physical, safety, etc.)
  More than 20 suppliers, multi-tier
  Data segregated by departments
  Data segregated by sub-brands
  Unlimited data storage, files, images
  Integrations with external systems (SAP, PLM, other)
  White labeling/integration with corporate website



  Clone test programs
  Enforcement of specifications, methods, result formats, units
  Retest notifications to suppliers, with link to original TRF
  Schedule testing based on supplier order forecasts
  Schedule, track and visualize supplier suveys/questionnaires
  Create test requests from BOMs
  Group related products/materials to consolidate testing
  Automated lab test results file upload
  Auto-generated supplier ratings/scorecards
  Issues and corrective actions tracking
  Automated notifications to supply chain partners
  Mobile app for iOS and Android devices



  Enterprise class SOC 2/Type II data center
  Hybrid/private cloud, high availability
  24x7x365 managed services support
  Separate development, staging and production environments
  Emergency support, access to developers
  40 hours of implementation support included
  Training "sandbox" in production site
  Full disaster recovery protection
  Custom contract terms




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