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LINK is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, with subscription plans and features scaled for any size retailer, brand, and supply chain, from one factory to 1000s of factories, vendors, agents, licensees, and labs. Pricing is not affected by number of users — register/login for details. Your privacy matters to us.



Your subscription doesn't start until the first phase of the project is completed and your site is configured with your test program(s), supply chain data, and user login(s). Depending on your plan, this phase also includes the branded site, test requests, and test reports, along with custom fields configuration. Naturally, you will have an investment of time into the project, but we minimize the impact with this quick launch and multi-phase approach. AFIRM Members have it even easier: LINK is delivered with a starter configuration based on the AFIRM RSL, as well as a representative product quality/performance testing program.

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Leverages built-in features for quick startup across individual sustainability or quality/performance teams. Supports one test program (e.g., RSL), department and brand.
  • Single test program  
  • Up to 20 top tier suppliers  
  • Up to 1 TB of online data and file storage  
  • Pre-configured test programs, request forms, reports, charts, queries  
  • Import all configuration data from spreadsheets (test programs, suppliers, labs, departments, products/materials)  
  • Retest notifications to suppliers  
  • Lab data validation against test program criteria  
  • Up to 8 hours implementation services included  
  • Private cloud, high availability environment  
  • Annual contract  


Tailored deployment and analytics for corporate risk and quality management programs. Supports large supply chains with custom branding, multiple test programs, departments, and dashboards.
  • Unlimited test programs  
  • Up to 100 multi-tier suppliers  
  • Data segregation by department 
  • Up to 2 TB of online data and file storage  
  • Declarations and certificates of product conformity, safety certificate automation  
  • Document portal for sharing product information, RSL manuals, reports  
  • Test request automation through product/material import  
  • Purchase order tracking with suppliers  
  • Customizable fields, choice lists and searches  
  • Clone test programs, BoMs, test requests  
  • Test requests created from BoMs  
  • Brand dashboard with supplier and product performance charts  
  • Advanced/saved queries, data exports, data modeling  
  • Branded home page, login form, interior pages, forms/reports  
  • Up to 20 hours implementation services included  
  • Web support with screensharing  
  • Enterprise class SOC 3 certified data center  
  • Separate QA and production environments  
  • 24x5 managed services w/ 1 hour response for critical outage  
  • Annual contract  


Branded, enterprise-integrated deployment for global risk and quality management programs, data segregation by sub-brand and department, unlimited test programs, surveys, and suppliers.
  • Advanced supply chain management for unlimited multi-tier suppliers  
  • Data segregation across sub-brands 
  • Up to 5 TB of online data and file storage (expandable at public cloud rates)  
  • Public and private (internal-only) document portals for sharing product information, certificates, RSL and method manuals, test reports  
  • Custom dashboards with library of chart/table widgets  
  • Integrations with enterprise systems (e.g. PLM, SAP, SSO)  
  • White labeling, with branded home page, help desk email address, login form, interior pages, forms/reports  
  • Auto-generate supplier ratings/scorecards  
  • Schedulable supplier surveys with response tracking and analytics  
  • Previously tested alerts for test optimization  
  • Lab test cost and capabilities tracking  
  • Automated product breakdown into components/composites  
  • Issues and corrective actions tracking  
  • Automated notifications to supply chain partners  
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android devices  
  • Electronic lab test results file upload  
  • Full disaster recovery protection with redundant backups  
  • Up to 40 hours implementation services included  
  • Separate QA and production environments, with training "sandbox"  
  • 24x7x365 managed services w/ 15 minute response for critical outage  
  • Direct access to developers for IT support  
  • Guaranteed support response times (SLAs)  
  • Customizable contract