March 28, 2023


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Water Stewardship Data Automation:

Wastewater/Sludge Testing Data Validation

Supplier Profile Maintenance

Compliance Calculations

Limits/Specifications Management

Out of Compliance, Sampling and Survey Reminder Notifications

Annual Water Questionnaires and Other Supplier Surveys

Program Document Management

ESG Systems Integration

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Answers Now:

Which suppliers haven’t yet submitted test results?

Did they collect at the right sample locations?

Did they test the right parameters against our current guidelines?

Did they meet the specifications, resample, or retest?

Did they use an approved solid waste disposal method?

Which suppliers are non-compliant?


The April water testing program reporting period is upon us, which means you or someone on your team will spend hours manipulating spreadsheets and formulas just to know which of your suppliers is compliant with ZDHC, discharge permits and/or brand guidelines. In the time you spend number crunching, data scrubbing, and Excel charting, your entire water program specifications and supplier profiles could be loaded into LINK and the results delivered right to your fingertips – raw data, structured data, and dashboard analytics:

LINK Services Dashboard - Water Program Snapshot

LINK’s API connects to the ZDHC Gateway, eliminating data entry by pulling supplier and water testing data directly into your own secure, branded supplier data management portal. If you’re not a ZDHC signatory or using the Gateway, your factories and their labs can still upload data directly into your portal. Compliance specifications are pre-configured for ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines v1.1 or v2.1, or can be customized to brand-specific guidelines.


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“There is an alphabet soup of NGOs and other industry stakeholders collecting pieces of the supply chain puzzle…none of whom have the full picture or even share the same supplier identifiers. Ironically, it’s an unsustainable sustainability issue.”

- Sr Executive, Footwear/Apparel Brand

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