Managing Water Consumption, Treatment, and Compliance

Link ServicesTM assists retailers and manufacturers with the implementation of their global water footprint initiatives through the collection, management and reporting of water use and water treatment/discharge information. Link is a secure, cloud native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application easily configured to meet the demands of any global corporate water/sustainability program.

Water use and wastewater discharge are among the most significant environmental impacts of apparel and footwear production. Leading brands are increasingly focused on responsible water use across their global textile supply chains. Link collects data relating to manufacturer processes, water use, treatment, permits, and laboratory test results for all your suppliers and their subcontractors. Green Arrow's technical staff review the data and documentation provided and assign a rating using a predefined set of standards (Green Arrow's, the brand's, or both). We manage the full data life cycle, automating the invitations to your list of facilities/contacts, managing their documentation, validating their test results against regulatory permits and compliance standards, and transmitting rating notifications.