Software Development
Green Arrow designs, builds, and supports process automation, data management, and data analytics software, primarily focused on the textiles, footwear/apparel, and protective equipment industries. We have experts with vast experience developing and managing laboratory information management systems (LIMS), instrument data collection/interfacing software, and database management systems, primarily in the environmental and human health & safety field.


Green Arrow provides engineering, programming, and implementation services in support of Link ServicesTM, a cloud-native Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) application used by corporate sustainability, quality control/quality assurance, and manufacturing supply chain professionals around the world. Our software is built around both the Microsoft (.NET/C#/MVC/HTML5/SQL Server) and open source (Java/MySQL) technology stacks, and deployed in private and hybrid clouds hosted in a SSAE 16/SOC II-certified data center.


All of our development is overseen by senior software engineers with 10+ years of commercial software, architecture/design, and project management experience. Developers/programmers typically have 5+ years of programming experience. This depth and breadth of experience is without doubt the most significant factor in the success of our projects.

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Project Management

All organizations are unique and require individualized assessments and solutions. While the core Link ServicesTM software architecture was designed for maximum extensibility, the key to our success is the specialized expertise we have in supply chain business analysis and sustainability data management.


Project management methodology



We actively listen to develop a comprehensive understanding of our client’s organization, corporate responsibility programs, suppliers and subcontractors, manufacturing and testing/certification processes, and enterprise data systems. We take the "discovery phase" of the project seriously because the solution we design can only be as good as the input parameters on which it was based. The duration of this phase depends on the maturity of the client's testing and data management program, project scope of work, resources, timeline, budget, and related variables.


Improvements are always possible, but the accumulation of even the smallest improvements may result in scope, budget, and timeline creep. To avoid this fate, a usability (UX) expert will be involved in early stages of the project to help validate your understanding of how the solution will be used under realistic conditions. Prototypes will be developed for your review and approval before the first line of code is written. While this phase is very much interactive, we leave the final design considerations to the UX experts and designers.


Development begins on signoff of the design; depending on the timeline and project complexity, a weekly standing meeting will be conducted with your team to review progress and solicit input on the system. We have budgeted for minor "iterations" following each progress meeting, but we do not anticipate significant refactoring will be necessary unless the scope of work changes mid-stream. This sometimes happens when your team gains experience with the application and you begin to recognize opportunities for further integration with other enterprise business systems. We can always defer these changes until a future project phase if the primary objective is to get the core system into production and benefit through the input of a wider group of stakeholders.

User Acceptance Testing/Release

The project wraps up with the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase, during which your project team exercises the production-ready application and verifies that all requirements identified in the scope of work have been satisfactorily met. Your internal system administrator(s) will be trained by one of our product experts and the system will be commissioned into full production following written system acceptance.