Configuring from Spreadsheets

Don't throw out those spreadsheets, yet. We can eliminate manual data loading into Link by importing your suppliers, BOMs, users, and labs through spreadsheet templates. A spreadsheet template is also provided for your test program configuration data: sample types/names, categories, test groups/items, methods, test parameters (compounds, analytes, etc.), units of measure, action limits, and reporting limits. Any special conditions (product finishes, age grading/usage, contact with skin, destination country, etc.) that affect the action limits are also managed in the test program template.

For RSL programs, we often start with a spreadsheet configured like the one on the right. This spreadsheet is then transformed into individual, discrete rows. Each row represents a single permutation of the testing logic — the specific type of sample, method, parameter being measured, and limit used to determine whether the result passes or fails. The transformed spreadsheet can be quite large (over 10,000 rows), but we use special procedures in Excel to manipulate the data into the format required for upload. The same process and template are used to quickly configure physical/performance testing or any other type of test program in Link, and even to update test programs when the requirements change. A secure client portal is provided for the project team to exchange these documents and templates during the implementation.


RSL Spreadsheet