Part of our ongoing Supplier Performance Management Webinar Series, Recycle Your Lab Testing Programs shows us how to transition any Restricted Substance List, product performance, product safety or other compliance testing program from a spreadsheet-centric system to a secure, business class application your entire supply chain can access -- yes, in just 20 minutes. Your host, Robert J Whitehead, has been in and around analytical testing labs his entire career, and has massaged and manipulated more spreadsheets than he cared to count. Bob shows us how to recycle your test program spreadsheets into a system for customizing and managing test requests, test reports, and data analytics. He'll be using the AFIRM RSL as an example, but the principles apply to any lab testing program.

At the conclusion of this free, 20-minute webinar, you will be provided a link to upload your own spreadsheet specifications to see how your test program could be configured.